Spanish wine in Japan.

We are going to Japan

A Thousand miles journey begins with an step..

As a new born that begins to walk , we have set an strict frontier country that has a severe border bureaucracy in order to prevent unsolicited products that do not match their high quality standards , because of this and due to the well known honorability.

In addition to our good team , we will take along with us, Hiroshi that will assist us on place and will lead the coordination between countries and needs, because of the great size of the market we do not discard joining more wineries in the near future.

Our experience trading with spanish wines outside spain is little , it has just begun but our relation with the wineries comes as far as my knowledge of this world begins and it has been operated for 40 years in our family.

Thanks to our great team we will make the first step of this extraordinary journey that has brought this adventure to life , so we ask you if you want to share it with us , by ordering our products at your local store in Japan

We will began this journey , hoping that it will fit upon the 1st day , as the first only a few chosen ones are going to operate