Volcanic soil with live

Holes that shelter malvasia and listan grapes

It might sound science fiction but the reality is that at bodega los bermejos have achieved an equilibrium between tradition and the special orographic conditions given at Lanzarote , where this grapes gives a wine that is not only special in its taste but at its cultivation.

Grapes plant are protected by semi holes dug on the ground this prevent moisture to be dragged out by the wind this and the the almost guaranteed sun will make the wine get enhanced with a richer and more balanced aroma and taste. In fact, No doubt they have achieved a wine that is very unusual in the world of wine.
Be sure its taste will not deceive you , Ignacio Valdera and all his crew grow the vines as they grandfather did , and have managed to keep it this way on a world full of traps to shorten the times that nature have established, the patience and the «savoir faire» are present at the day by day at his place . You will surely appreciate this pleasant

We could almost say that you can smell the charm of the grapes that find shelter in the soil and at this , there are no places like lanzarote and its vineyards of los bermejos , at any other place in the world. So , stop reading this and head towards experience it soon.


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